First steps in American History

The Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party was in 1773 in Boston, a colony of its mother country, the British Kingdom.
The British kingdom had to pay more than over 132 million pounds as a result of an long, expensive war between France and British Kingdom.
They wanted to pay these debts with high duties from the North American colonies.
The people who lived in a British colony in America protested against that situation.

On December 16th 1773 angry crowds went to the Boston Harbor. They were calling the “sons of liberty” because they fought for the liberty of their country against some law’s and the high duties.
Nobody knows who the group really was, but it´s said that they were from the Boston society and even farmers were in that group.

At the Boston Harbor, they boarded three ships of 'British East India Company', because these ships belonged to the British colony and they were angry about the British policy.

These three British ships, the Beaver, the Eleanor and the Dartmouth, had tons of tea on board.

They took the tea peacefully.
People who watched the “sons of liberty” from the harbor shouted for joy, this is the reason for the term Boston Tea Party.
The Boston Tea Party was one reason for the war of independence from 1775 to 1776.

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