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my mobile phone tells its story

 My mobile tells its story

name: IPhone 6
born: 15.9.2016; Foxconn-factory, Zhengzhou, China
size: 158,1 mm × 77,8 mm × 7,1 mm.
colour: white
display: 4,7 inches, 1334×750 Pixel
operating system: IOS 8
camera: iSight- und FaceTime
accu: 1810 mAh at 3,82 Volt
storage capacity: 64 GB

My innards come from many different countries all over the world. They are made of a great number of valuable chemical elements. Some of these elements were mined by children. This fact makes me very sad as I think, that these children have to work very hard, earn less money and are exposed to toxic dust and gases.
The hardworking women of Foxconn assembled all the things and brought them in the right positon. They work hard in hot factories 16 hours a day, so that I am ok. I feel a little bit guilty because of these women.
Finally I was turned on for the first time – which feeling of relief – everything worked correctly. Many thanks dear children and dear women.
Afterwards my long journey to Canada started. There I was designed and I got nice clothes with golden coating. There I also got my functionality and I was fed with lots of apps. At the end there were checks concerning functionality and security. I survived both perfectly.
The next thing, I remember, is a shop in Vienna. Often somebody had a look at me. But it took some time before I was bought by a man – after all 600 € are a huge amount of money. But I have been lucky, I have been given to a nice girl. That means daily hard work, - surf the internet, ask Mr. google, whatsapp, snapchat, taking pictures, streaming, sometimes a short call, - up to 12 hours a day and more. Often I have no power, but every time my battery is recharged. Sometimes I am turned off. That time I am always afraid to be never turned on. But up to now I am happy. The girl is very nice and always takes care of me. I know the time will come to be never turned on. What will happen, will I collect dust and be forgotten, will I be thrown away? Hopefully not, all my valuable materials would be lost. Will I be given to an other person? This would be great. Will I be brought to a special waste collection to recover all the precious materials? Then I hope to a legal one and not to be brought to somewhere in Africa. I don’t want again the poor children to work with toxic and dangerous materials to recover the valuable metals for almost no money. It’s too dangerous.