Media project Diesterweg-Grundschule Prenzlau

Lara and Gian-Luca produced Powerpoints.
Lara made a media quiz. While watching all pupils in our class had to find out the answers and fill in a grid. At the end Lara gave a prize to the winner of her quiz. That was exciting and much fun.

Gian-Luca created three movie presentations (" Phantom of the Opera", " The Olsen Group", "Love Never Dies").He wanted us to listen carefully so we had to find out:
                   -Where does the film take place?
                   -When was the film created (time)?
                   -Who are the actors/actresses?
                   -What is the music like? 

After his presentation we discussed our answers.
The film music was cheerful and we liked it.

Bild: gian-luca.jpg
Bild: gian-luca.jpg